WE DO FOR WE - What's that mean? In 2012 we "indie" folk decided to become BME. What is it an acronym for? Anything really. Be yourself. Music lets' us express from our souls, and that's what we do best.

We have artists who've become actors in TV Shows, and Movies. We're basically a group of independent artists, music producers, composers, lyricists, videographers, CGI professionals, and recording studios who volunteer their time and energy to develop a service, or services for all to enjoy.

We call this network #WeDoForWe (official hashtag), and WE truly DO for one another. Like family. Every aspect of BME is developed in-house. Our hashtag was thought up by one of our very own artists - NFP (his FB page). We also help others with their music, from production, to recording.

Where are we located? We have satellite offices in Fredericton, Toronto, Montreal, and the Kahnawake Mohawk Territory. We are looking to expand to the United Kingdom, and anywhere we are needed. Music is life.


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